I like to keep my recipes simple, affordable, quick, and easy to prepare, so that they are more suitable for everyday meals. I believe that making the day-to-day stuff easier, will increase your chances of being able to stick to this diet, thus maximising the chances of you feeling better!

I will also include some slightly more special recipes as well of course, which take slightly longer to prepare, so that you can impress your friends and family with a home-cooked meal that no one will be left out of.

One of the benefits of the anti-candida diet, is that because a large chunk of different food groups are eliminated, it means that a lot of the recipes will also be perfectly suited to any one who suffers from allergies or intolerances. These recipes are suitable if you’re gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, low-carb and often would even work if you follow a paleo or ketogenic diet as there are many overlaps with these diets.

I personally do not react well to dairy or soy myself, so my recipes will not contain these ingredients either. And although I do eat animal protein, before starting this diet, I was trying to limit the amount of meat I ate, so there will be some vegan recipes thrown in as well. Having said that, at this point in time, I am happier including meat in my diet, provided it is organic.