One thing’s for certain, and that is that you will be getting very familiar with your kitchen on this diet, as pre-packaged, convenience foods are no longer suitable. To make your life as easy as possible, the right kitchen equipment can really help to save you time and even money on your meals. I have listed below my favourite kitchen items that have saved me so much headache on this new diet:

  • Slow cooker – this is my number one for one reason only: homemade bone broth. Also perfect for stewing poultry, meat and veg.
  • Soup maker – mine has a sautée function that I can use to fry onion in the same container. Ideal for making a super speedy lunch or starter.
  • Large cast iron pot – my partner and I have named ours “Big Red”. I use mine for big meals like currys.
  • Vegetable steamer – I use stackable pyrex steaming containers
  • Fine mesh sieve – so that you always make sure to wash your gluten free grains properly
  • Large colander – to wash all of the veg you will be eating
  • Salad spinner – you will be eating so much salad, you need one of these in your life just to save time
  • Spiraliser – with fewer ingredients to cook with, you can make the food more exciting by changing the way it looks!
  • Glass storage containers / jars – you will need loads of these just to store leftovers, homebaked breads, cooked vegetables or grains or meals to take out with you
  • Garlic crusher – fresh garlic is a fantastic anti-fungal food and you should be eating it every day.