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7 days of breakfast inspiration

When you’re making a drastic change to your diet, even the simplest task; like making yourself breakfast, can become arduous. It took me a while to get used to the different breakfast foods I could eat on a regular basis, especially because you need to have some flexibility with your meals, as chances are, you won’t always have the same ingredients in your fridge each time.

I have always loved my breakfast, and I was never one to leave the house with nothing but a granola bar. Before I was on this diet, my staple breakfast food was poached eggs on toast, so as you will see I have kept eggs as the main attraction, but if you’re vegan or not an egg-fan like me, then you can just swap the eggs for your favourite vegan protein or some organic meat. I just have to have some sort of protein in the morning otherwise I am absolutely starving within half an hour! I also love to pack my breakfast with plenty of veggies every morning as it’s a great way to start the day on a high.

If you’re struggling to decide what to eat for breakfast on an anti-candida diet, or if you are gluten or dairy free, or maybe you aren’t on any particular diet at all but you just want to add more vegetables into your breakfast food, then hopefully I can help to provide you with some inspiration. I have put together below a list of 7 completely different breakfast foods that I ate in a week. Enjoy!

Day 1 – Monday

I had made some keto-buns the night before, so I had some egg yolks left in the fridge to use up. So I fried up some fresh spinach and frozen peppers in coconut oil, fried the yolks at the end and served with two slices of toated nut & seed bread and half an avocaodo. I had this with a mug of Pau D’Arco tea.

egg yolk spinach

Day 2 – Tuesday

I fried and seasoned some frozen chopped spinach, baby plum tomatoes and frozen green peas in some coconut oil and had this with two fried eggs (organic as always). A mug of peppermint tea today.

spinach and pea

Day 3 – Wednesday

I had some organic chicken and brown rice leftover from dinner, so I made a breakfast hash by stir-frying the rice and shredded chicken with some frozen peppers, spinach and some baby plum tomatoes. I had this with a boiled egg becuase I was clearly very hungry that day. I topped with some chopped spring onion partly to be fancy, and partly because I needed to use it up. A mug of Pau D’Arco tea to go with it.

brown rice hash

Day 4 – Thursday

I fried and seasoned some frozen chopped peppers, spinach and two eggs. I had this with a slice of nut bread and a whole small avocado with some dried chilli flakes. I also had a few fresh baby tomatoes. Pau D’arco tea once again.

pepper and spinach

Day 5 – Friday

Another breakfast hash today made with seasoned and fried peppers, spinach and cooked brown rice, but sadly there was no chicken so I had to add another fried egg and half an avocado. Pau D’arco tea again!

brown rice and eggs

Day 6 – Saturday

Yay it’s the weekend! Let’s celebrate with a massive omelette! This would have contained 3 eggs, a bit of almond milk and although you can’t see it, it contains some leftover cooked chicken and vegetables leftover from the night before. I served this with a generous helping of broccolli which I topped with a tahini-lemon dressing and some mixed seeds.

omelette and broc

Day 7 – Sunday

It’s nice to have something a bit different than the mid-week at the weekend, so I will try to if I can be bothered! This day I made soft boiled egg soldiers with oven roasted asparagus, perfect for dipping! And a grilled beef tomato.

hard boiled egg and asparagus

Let me know which breakfast was your favourite! I hope you are as hungry reading this as I am writing it 🙂


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