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The most epic packed lunch in the world

Last month I went on two hen dos in the same weekend. One had already been scheduled for Saturday evening in Hertfordshire, and I was gutted to find out that the second one was going to be on the same weekend in Lake District. Not wanting to let down one of my friends, I decided that I had to make it work and attend both!

Having only been two months into my anti-candida diet, a simple night out without being able to eat or drink as normal was difficult enough on it’s own. But now I was challenging myself with not one, but two hen dos on the same weekend. And to make matters worse, the first one was going to be an overnight stay, and a four hour train ride away. Fortunately, the evening plan was just going to be games, food and drink inside a self-catering cottage, so I didn’t have to worry about eating in a restaurant just yet.

When you’re on the anti-candida diet, eating out is near impossible as you need to be absolutely certain of what it is you’re eating. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to grab any food while I was out travelling, so I had no choice but to make and bring my own food with me. The result being the most epic packed lunch in the world!

Now I must have spent hours planning this packed lunch, as I needed to make sure the food was going to be filling, easy to transport, not too easily perishable as I needed enough for two days and I would also be carrying it on a train, and it also needed to be nutritious and balanced to keep me on track with my diet progress in these early stages.

Below was the resulting menu for the two days:

Day 1:

Breakfast – ate before leaving the house to catch my morning train; I fried two organic eggs in coconut oil with sautéed peas, spinach and tomatoes and served with a chopped avocado.

Lunch – grilled organic chicken served with a baked sweet potato and some coconut oil stir-fried broccolli

Dinner – grilled organic chicken served with roasted veg (bell pepper, onion, courgette and celery) and some quinoa

Snacks – chopped raw veg ( cucumber, celery, red bell pepper and baby tomatoes) and a couple of small snack sized bags of amond halves and hazelnuts, two slices of chestnut loaf, one granny smith apple and a bag of superseed mix

Day 2:

Breakfast – there was leftover lemon from everyone’s gin and tonics from the night before so I used one to have a large glass of lemon water first thing. I then made a cup of tea with a green tea bag that I had brought while I tidied up a bit and then to eat had one whole avocado chopped and served on two slices of chestnut loaf with some crushed black pepper.

Lunch – I had made some overnight oats on Thursday night which was just oats, coconut milk, almond milk, chia seeds and lots of cinnamon

Snacks – chopped raw veg ( cucumber, celery, red bell pepper and baby tomatoes) and a couple of small snack sized bags of amond halves and hazelnuts, one granny smith apple

Here is all the food all prepared and laid out ready to pack away:


Especially for this weekend, I had bought myself a handy cooler bag and two freezer blocks so that I could keep everything fresh while I was travelling. Luckily we were staying in a self-catering cottage so I could put the freezer blocks back into the freezer ready to use again the next day.

Here is all of the food packed away:


It was ridiculous how heavy all of this food weighed so luckily it just about fit into my little cabin-size suitcase.

I’m pleased to say that I didn’t go hungry at all, and I actually brought back the entire bag of super-seed mix as well as a couple of packets of almonds and hazelnuts.

Once I was back in Hertfordshire, I just had time for a quick 40 minute nap and then it was time to go out again to the second hen-do. Because part of the hen-do was a meal at a Greek restaurant, I simply drove home for the hour and a half everyone was eating and came back in time for the after party, no worries!

All in all, it was a very successful weekend and I had a great time with my friends, despite being on the diet from hell!


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