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How to save money on coconut milk

Knowing that coconut milk was going to become a huge part of my new diet, I was determined to find a solution that was the most cost effective. After comparing prices both online and instore, as well as finding them all generally quite expensive, I also found another problem; which was how impure so many of the brands on the market are. Most of the coconut milks that I found contained additional emulsifiers and preservatives.

Additional drawbacks of tinned coconut milk to bare in mind:

  • Stored in a tin, which of course is not idea on an anti-candida diet as you should be trying to limit your exposure to heavy metals. Although this is something everyone should be doing really.
  • Once opened, the tin needs to be consumed quite quickly, even if you transfer the content to an airtight container. Food that spoils quickly is not ideal for this diet either.
  • The more premium brands which don’t include added nasties, will cost you at least £2 for a can, even if you bulk buy online.

So what is the solution? Creamed coconut! Creamed coconut is the dehydrated meat of a coconut which comes in solid blocks and can be melted by combinging with water to create coconut milk.

I found the best value brand to be Blue Dragon which is 100% coconut and costs £1.35 for a 200g block. To turn the creamed coconut into a full tin of coconut milk you need to mix 100g of creamed coconut with 400ml water. Therefore, there is the equivalent of two tins of coconut milk in one block, which would work out 67p per can, that’s more like it!


Some of my other tips are as follows:

  • You can either make an entire batch of coconut milk yourself by mixing the creamed coconut with boiling water, allowing to cool, and them storing in an airtight glass jar. This is a good idea if you like to use your coconut milk for cold recipes. Alternatively, you can simply cut off the amount you need from the block as and when required. You can then simply heat this up with hot meals such as currys, hot chocolate or porridge. I like this method the best myself as that way I don’t need to worry about it using it up quickly.
  • I also recommend that you add markings on the block to help you with portion control. For example, I split my block into eight equal parts of 20g, which when mixed with 80ml of water creates the equivalent of a quarter of a tin of coconut milk – and with my Blue Dragon example, that’s less than 17p per portion!


  • Be careful to check the ingredients on your creamed coconut. Even one product I found which stated 100% creamed coconut on the front, in the ingredients list included trace amount of sulphur dioxide as a preservative! A diet like this one, really makes you realise how important it is to check food product labels before buying or eating anything.
  • The block of creamed coconut can be stored in the fridge for 4 weeks once opened (although I tend to use mine up in the space of a week), so be sure to write the date you opened the packet on the carton, that way you can be sure to use the product up before it spoils


I will say thought, there is one drawback of the creamed coconut, however, and that is that because it is formed from the dried meat, you will get some small bits floating in your coconut milk – not a problem in meals, but if you’re using it to make a hot chocolate then there will be some unslightly floaty bits in there! A small price to pay though, if you ask me!



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