Welcome! If you have stumbled across this blog, then it probably means that you are either following, or thinking of following an anti-candida diet. Your reason for doing this may simply be to improve your general health and wellbeing, however, seeing as this is one of the strictest diets out there, my guess is that you have been put on the diet by a doctor or naturopath to cure an existing health condition. I really cannot imagine who would want to do this diet out of choice!

I am a big foodie and have always loved to cook. And although I did indulge every so often in a takeway or a bit of junk food every now and again, overall, I considered myself to be relatively healthy on the food front as I love to cook healthy meals from scratch. Having said that, despite appearing seemingly healthy on the outside, over the years I have always struggled with various ailments such as skin problems, hormonal issues, mouth ulcers, insomnia, nightmares and chronic fatigue to name just a few. I have equally tried a number of different approaches to self-cure these symptoms with varying levels of success; as well as having blood tests to check for deficiencies, acupuncture and even hypnosis, I also experimented with cutting out caffeine, alcohol, meat and dairy in case the issues were down to intolerances or allergies. The most successful attempt was the removal of dairy as I saw an improvement in my skin, sleep and mouth ulcers, however, sadly it did not fix all of my complaints.

And then just one month ago, a urine test revealed that I actually had a bad overgrowth of intestinal candida. The good news; most, if not all of my symptoms were in line with those you would expect from an overgrowth of bad gut bacteria, so there was a pretty good chance that if I remedied the levels of bacteria, then my symptoms should also improve. The bad news; in order to get it back to normal, I would need to follow an extreme elimination diet for at least one year!

The start of this new diet has been really tough on both my mind and my body, however, I am determined to persevere so that I can feel better again. I have already learnt so much in these past four weeks adapting to my new routines, in particular regarding new foods and recipes that I actually enjoy. Therefore, I decided to start this blog in order to document some of my discoveries so that I can hopefully help someone else who is going through the same thing.

Wishing you all the best of luck on your anti-candida journey!


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